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Kids Animal Sweater Pre-Sale starts Now!

Jello there!

I hope you are doing ok and keeping well, sending huge love to everyone.I hope I can brighten your day with some mini big news: We are finally able to release the Kid's Animal Sweaters! We have 5 mini designs in 10 colour options: Jellyfish, Wombat, T-Rex, Cockatoo and Tasmanian Devil! -100% made in Melbourne and are perfect replicas of the Animal Sweaters just made mini to fit your little ones. -Same plush fabrics and detailed applique embroidery -Very limited edition Pre-Sale starts 10am Oct 12th and delivery is expected to starts from Oct 30th shipping from Melbourne. Please allow for a little extra delivery time due to postal delays worldwide.

Thank you for your patience! I hope your little ones love these. Stay safe! Big Love xx Lenko


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