Lenko is the brand designed by Dana Lenko in Melbourne, Australia, since 1999. The collection started when she was a teenager, drawing animals and weird things on t-shirts. The range grew to include whole collections of clothing. One year, during Fashion Week, a style fell through at the last moment. Dana quickly sewed a Llama sweater. It was a hit and you guessed it, Animal Sweaters were born.


Only available once a year, entirely made in Melbourne, the Animal Sweaters have a cult following. Known for their quality and detail, these soft fleecy sweaters are adorned with animal appliques. Each one is hand-cut and then lovingly embroidered. They're wearable pieces of art! The animal are chosen each year by an online competition and made in very limited editions.


This is the 14th edition of the Lenko Animal Sweaters. It is the most detailed yet with eight new styles: Chihuahua, Sea Turtle, Wombat, Nudibranch, Numbat, Magpie, Rainbow Lorikeet and Orca.

We hope you love them as much as they love you.


Thank you for supporting this  project.


Team Lenko



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