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Choose the Animal for the Next Lenko Sweater Competition Starts NOW

Hello Animal Lovers! Welcome back to another exciting competition. Once a year, I ask you to make the most important decision- What will be our next Animal Sweater? I know you've been waiting for this and I'm so excited to see what you come up with! Are you ready? Channel your inner David Attenborough because at 10 AM Today (Melbourne time) it's time to Choose the Animal for the Next Lenko Sweater! Be in it to win it! How to enter: Head to our competition page links either on facebook or on instagram, make sure you're following the account, then think of an animal and post it in the comments. Yes- Be specific if you're thinking of a certain breed or sub-species. Yes- You can enter as many times as you like, but post only one animal per comment. and YES- If you are the first person to post a winning animal you will WIN a free sweater! GOOD LUCK! Stay tuned for the winner announcements in a few weeks and the pre-sale info shortly after that! Keep watching our social media for behind the scenes of the the sweaters getting made. All Lenko Animal Sweaters are 100% made in Melbourne, cruelty free and made with love just for you! Thank you for supporting the Animal Sweater project. Because everything is better in an Animal Sweater xox Love Lenko


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