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TURTLEY RAD! Animal Sweater Pre-Sale Starts Right Now!

Yeee! It's time to go! Hop, Swim, Fly, Waddle, Run- it's beginning now. What will you choose? Wombat Sea Turtle Numbat Orca Nudibranch Magpie Chihuahua Rainbow Lorikeet Check out some behind the scenes videos and pictures of all the Animal Sweaters getting made at our Instagram account. I hope you get the Animal Sweaters you wanted, and you enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoyed making them. You're Whalcome. *Pre-Sale starts Thursday 23rd April 10am at and delivery is scheduled to start on May 4th, shipping from Melbourne. Please be aware that due to Covid19 challenges outside of our control, there is the possibility of delivery delays, as postage and courier services may be impacted. Please keep this in mind when ordering your sweaters, especially internationally. STAY SAFE! BIG LOVE xox Lenko

Things are Better in a Lenko Animal Sweater!

  • Limited Edition

  • Made in Australia

  • Hand made with love

  • Super cute

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