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Mad for a Nudibranch?  Second Limited Pre-Sale Starts now!

Nudibranchs on Ink Sweaters Return! Who knew how much love we would have for this flamboyant sea slug. I heard from a lot of you that you missed out on the Nudibranchs Sweaters. So I did a little run on royal blue and white, which are almost all gone. So deep the love runs! Even then the requests still came in for more on Ink. So thankfully, I've secured a window in production and we are going to make a small batch more! They will go live on the website at 12pm today. This second batch of Nudibranch on ink sweaters will start shipping from Melbourne on June 22nd. If you'd like to see more nudibranch love check out this tumblr account comparing nudibranchs to the top looks of David Bowie.
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