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Lenko x Erstwilder

Aussie Labels Announce Endangered Animals Collaboration

Two of Melbourne’s best loved Animal themed designers, Lenko and Ertwilder have stepped out together for the first time to collaborate on a new series of Endangered animals for a special collection of Sweaters and brooches.

$2 from each brooch sold on and $10 from each sweater sale from will be donated to the Wilderness Society.

Dana Lenko has been making our winters better for over a decade with her hand cut embroidered animal sweaters. Enjoying cult following, worn by many a celeb and animal lover, her sweaters are renowned for their high quality, all -Australian production and detailed art-like stitching.

Erstwilder have become firm favourites of the brooch world, their multi layered, candy-like resin creations depicting animals, plants and even classic characters from Bert and Ernie to Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. Each Erstwilder launch becomes a frenzy with their dedicated fans eager to collect the limited run brooches and accesories. They have created 15 Endangered animal designs and enlisted Lenko to interpret 4 into her iconic sweaters for a very special limited release.

The four endangered animals to be featured in the collaboration sweaters are: Bilby, Blue Whale, Pangolin and Galapagos Penguin.

Lenko says “It was such a fun collab! We both love animals so it felt very natural towork together on an endangered series. We both make our Animals from a similarprocess of layering our chosen materials to create a very textural experience. Whilethey are masters of creating with resin, I work with fabric and stitches, so it was veryinteresting to step into another creative world.”

Each sweater is 100% made in Australia, the animal appliqués are hand cut and thenlovingly embroidered, making each sweater a wearable artwork.

The extremely limited Lenko x Erstwilder Endangered Animal collection goes on Sale 12:30pm, Tues July 2nd from and

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