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Saying No Thanks to single use plastic

Plastic fish or fish?

Little fish big mess. These cute little plastic fish are designed for single use, filled with soy sauce, capped with a tiny red lid. They’re also a massive contributor to plastic pollution. Unfortunately they’re too small to recycle, falling between the cracks of recycling machines. Often you see them littering the pavement and they end up in the ocean and in the stomachs of real fish. Yerrrk! Gah! Not so cute after all. It baffles me why they exist. Say no thanks!

What are your tips for avoiding single use plastic? I set myself a no plastic challenge I'm keeping track of all the stuff I've refused over the past weeks and it's A LOT. Easy stuff is saying no to straws at the bar, using a keep cup or no coffee, no more takeaway, bringing shopping bags (catching people before they auto bag your stuff), carrying a water bottle. Then it gets harder- I couldn't buy tomatoes because they came in plastic punnets! I'd love for the plastic culture to change so that we don't actively have to dodge it all day long. That starts with us saying "no thanks." Plastic is clogging up our planet, what are some of the ways you avoid it? I'd love to hear your hacks!

As a small business sometimes it can seem overwhelming how to avoid making waste. I'm using all zero-waste satchels, made from compostable, biodegradable materials and avoiding over packaging. That's why there are no swing tags or unecessary plastic wrap inside your packages. I'm always looking to do better. As technology improves and more affordable non plastic options become readily available I hope all businesses can jump on board to a more plastic free model.

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