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2019 Sweaters are here! (and they're so sweet)

Our Wildest Collection Yet!

The New Animal Sweaters are Finally Here (and they're so sweet!)

This year we dove deep deep down to discover what are your favourite Animals...

And we were not disappointed!

Deep sea creep with the alluring headlight -Anglerfish Very good boy- Border Collie, Sweetest of them all- Honey Bee Bin Chicken- Ibis Bouncy Aussie classic- Kangaroo Drama King- Peacock And Danger noodle, AKA snek- Snake These were our winning animals and we set about to create them through the magic of fabric and embroidery. Many weeks and months were spent cutting and sewing to finally create our most complex collection to date! We hope you love your new sweaters!

Our beautiful photos were taken by the legendary Michelle Tran, featuring the talents of Jerri and Alex, grromed by Jeda Vu.

Each sweater was lovingly hand made in Melbourne from 100% Australian fabrics. We are so proud to share this new collection with you! The Pre-sale has ended and now all remaining stock is online and shipping from Melbourne! OOhwee! What will you choose?
  • Extremely limited edition

  • Super cute and warm!

  • Made in Australia, cruelty free

  • Compliment machines!

Thanks for supporting this project! We love making these sweaters for you! XOX Lenko

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