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Flash Sale!

Thanks again for supporting the Animal Sweaters! You are the BEST.
What a great season, I'd say our best yet- such fun animals with so many intricate details. I really loved making these guys for you!

BIG NEWS: For the last sizes I'm putting them on a Flash Sale of 20% off! Woo!

So if you get snappy you can get yourself that second (or sixth) Sweater for your private collection. Get one for that person that keeps borrowing yours (yes, I'm looking at YOU Karen) Or surprise a fellow Animal or Sweater lover with a gift that they will treasure forever! Axolotl, Jellyfish, Stegosaurus, Rooster, Tasmanian Devil and Devil's Ivy What will you choose?

Be the first to snap up the last sizes!

  • Super limited collection

  • Embroidered and hand cut applique designs

  • 100% made in Australia with love

  • Cruelty free

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