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Welcome New Plant Sweater- Devil's Ivy!

Welcome to Lenko Plant Sweaters a houseplant favourite- Epipremnum aureum, aka DEVIL'S IVY. I chose it because it is almost impossible to kill and it will continue to grow even in the dark. What an inspiration. Be like the Devil's Ivy, don't let anyone get you down and keep on growing, you wild thing. 🌱Limited edition embroidered Plant Sweater is available online now. Thousands of stitches bring this green friend to life. 100% made in Melbourne with love.

To celebrate these new friends I had my favourite photographer and long time Lenko collaborator, Michelle Tran on board to create the playful imagery, featuring none other than former Miss universe Australia, Caris Tiivel, c/o Chadwicks and amazing new talent Malachy Brown c/o Viviens.

Hope you enjoy!

xox Lenko

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