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Plantastic! New Succulent Sweaters

You had me at Aloe! For the very first time, a limited edition of Plant Sweaters will be released this week from the Melbourne maker of the Lenko Animal Sweaters. Everyone knows Winter is better in an Animal Sweater, but in a surprise move, Dana Lenko has created two very limited plant designs for plant lovers; the Monstera Sweater and the Cacti sweater.

Featuring the intricate embroidery Lenko is known for, these elaborate designs take the art-form a step further, with detailed leaves, veins and prickles all in glorious 3D stitching.With the Animal Sweaters selling out every year for over a decade, 2017 has already been a bumper edition for Lenko, featuring six new designs and double as many units as previous years.

These two new plant designs will be sought after by fans for being highly collectable, while also introducing a new audience to the quirky sweaters. Dana says, “I am so excited to release these two designs into the wild. These are hands down the most detailed sweaters we’ve ever done. It took months of planning and testing to get them perfected. Hours of work have gone into each sweater and tens of thousands of stitches. I’m so happy with the results, they’re basically wearable artworks.”

You’ll never feel lonely leaving your houseplants again. Now you can show off your plant game with these super lush sweaters anywhere. 100% Australian made and cruelty free. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, it’s ok. These plants require no watering and fare well in all sun or shade conditions.

Even the prickliest of personalities will love looking sharp in the new Cacti sweater featuring an array of colourful potted succulents on a navy background. The Monstera plant is a green crowd pleaser and based on a sketch Dana made of her beloved pot plant, Phil. It’s on a crisp white sweater for blinding freshness or there’s a handful on grey marle.

Long-time Lenko collaborator, Michelle Tran has created the dreamy imagery for the collection, featuring Lottie and Brandon.

We hope you love these new additions to the Lenko Sweater family!

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