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It's a Wild World! Animal Sweaters are Back!

Do you like salad? Do you emit a lot of slime when you move? Well you could be a snail!

That is excellent news because Snail is one of the SIX new Lenko Animal Sweaters just released! Yes SIX!

2017 is the 11th edition and our biggest collection ever! So many weird and wonderful animals were chosen by our online competition, it was hard to chose these six. Introducing the new Kookaburra, Platypus, Pig, Goat, Gorilla and Snail Sweaters!

Each sweater is lovingly made in Melbourne, Australia, cut by hand because who needs a social life. Then they are embroidered like crazy! These designs are the most detailed yet, with platypus bubbles, a lovely branch of eucalyptus for the Kookaburra to sit on, piggy's curly tail, snail slime, goaty facial hair and even a nipple for the Gorilla (RIP Harambe).

The photoshoot was again put together by my genius gal pal Michelle Tran with talent Lottie and Brandon.

I hope you love this new season as much as I loved making them for you. Your support of this project means the absolute world to me. I've tried to make more in the most popular sizes so hopefully they wont sell out as crazy quick as previous years- but don't be a snail, they will escargot go go!!





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