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Hello Colourer-Inner!
This is a fundraiser product for the Australian bushfire disaster.
100% of the proceeds will be split between WIRES and Wildlife Victoria who are tirelessly rescuing injured wildlife devastated by the recent bushfires.
Thank you for your kind donation to these excellent causes.
Please visit their websites and see how you can contribute to their good work.
Thank you to all the firefighters and volunteers working against great odds to save the bush, and its animal inhabitants. Let's do all we can to support their efforts.
For the past year I've been asking people the hard hitting questions: What’s your favourite Animal? What’s your favourite food? And then I drew their answers. For the first time, I've compiled a selection of the original black and white line drawings into a colouring book. Now you can go bananas bringing them to life (ooh bananas that would be a good one).
There are 12 pages of Animal/Food colouring fun for you to enjoy.
I know Hammerheads don't eat spaghetti and Elephants don't drink wine, but what a lovely Italian meal they could enjoy together in my mind. I leave the rest entirely up to you! Colour your hearts out. Send me your coloured versions, I'd love to see!
Mucho Love
Xx Dana
1. Jaguar eating Tacos
2. Flamingo drinking Mango Lassi
3. Octopus eating Pizza
4. Gorilla Eating Ravioli
5. Koala eating Fairy Bread
6. Lion Eating Lemons
7. Elephant drinking Wine 
8. Hammerhead eating Spaghetti 
9. Shiba Inu drinking Tea 
10. Unicorn eating Corn 
11. GucaMole & ToTopos- (Topo is Spanish for mole and totopos are chips)
12. Chameleon drinking a Negroni.

Bushfire Fundraiser- Colouring Book: Animals Eating Food

  • As this is a digital download there are no refunds on this product.


    These drawings are not for commercial use or re-sale.

    This digital product (and printed versions of it) are for personal use only.

    It may not be altered, distributed, copied, shared and resold in any way.

    The artist, Dana Lenko, retains all copyrights.

    For further information regarding use of these drawings please contact

    Instagram: @lenkomelb

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