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There’s over 800 species of Hermit crabs (genus Coenobita).

They are known for living in empty shells they use as mobile homes, protecting their soft bodies from predators and the elements. Although they’re called hermits, they’re actually social creatures, hanging out in groups called casts. When a hermit crab grows, it has to moult it’s exoskeleton, a very vulnerable time for them - as we all know, change and growth can be scary. They need to then find a larger shell to fit it’s new, bigger body! The hermit crabs will get together for a shell swapping party! They line up, assess each other’s size and work out who to trade shells with. With plastic pollution a growing problem in the ocean, hermit crabs have been observed using inappropriate options like bottle caps as shells. Keeping our beaches clean can help these little guys find healthier homes.

This embroidery is the largest design we have every attempted. 9 Hermit crabs are coming out of their shells to play with you. I hope you love all the crabby details!

Animal Sweater - Hermit Crabs

  • Unisex Sweater
    Poly/cotton blend fleecy with embroidered Hermit Crabs.

    Each sweater is hand cut so there will be variation in every unique sweater.
    100% Made in Melbourne, Australia with lots of love.

    Prices are in Australian Dollars

    Model pictured is 5'6  and wearing a size M

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