Lenko x Erstwilder

July 1, 2019

Aussie Labels Announce Endangered Animals Collaboration


Two of Melbourne’s best loved Animal themed designers, Lenko and Ertwilder have stepped out together for the first time to collaborate on a new series of Endangered animals for a special collection of Sweaters and brooches.

$2 from each brooch sold on www.erstwilder.com and $10 from each sweater sale from www.ilovelenko.com will be donated to the Wilderness Society.


Dana Lenko has been making our winters better for over a decade with her hand cut embroidered animal sweaters. Enjoying cult following, worn by many a celeb and animal lover, her sweaters are renowned for their high quality, all -Australian production and detailed art-like stitching.


Erstwilder have become firm favourites of the brooch world, their multi layered, candy-like resin creations depicting animals, plants and even classic characters from Bert and Ernie to Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. Each Erstwilder launch becomes a frenzy with their dedicated fans eager to collect the limited run brooches and accesories. They have created 15 Endangered animal designs and enlisted Lenko to interpret 4 into her iconic sweaters for a very special limited release. 


The four endangered animals to be featured in the collaboration sweaters are: Bilby, Blue Whale, Pangolin and Galapagos Penguin.


Lenko says “It was such a fun collab! We both love animals so it felt very natural towork together on an endangered series. We both make our Animals from a similarprocess of layering our chosen materials to create a very textural experience. Whilethey are masters of creating with resin, I work with fabric and stitches, so it was veryinteresting to step into another creative world.”


Each sweater is 100% made in Australia, the animal appliqués are hand cut and thenlovingly embroidered, making each sweater a wearable artwork.


The extremely limited Lenko x Erstwilder Endangered Animal collection goes on Sale 12:30pm, Tues July 2nd from www.erstwilder.com and www.ilovelenko.com





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