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2018 Animal Sweaters are here!

We're back! It's time to release the 6 new Animal Sweaters into the WILD.

This years Animals are: Axolotl, Jellyfish, Cavalier King Charles, Tasmanian Devil, Stegosaurus and Rooster!

I cannot believe we've made the 12th range of Animal Sweaters! Without your support it just would not happen, so THANK YOU.

This collection is the most detailed yet, with so many cool bits to touch and look at, like the Axolotl fringing, the Tassie fur texture and the shiny Jellyfish tentacles. There's even TWO kinds of Cavvies!

The Animal Sweaters are still all 100% made in Melbourne, from the fabric to the embroidery. Each sweater is made cruelty free and hand cut individually with love. You can see the behind the scenes of how they are made on our Instagram. Enjoy wearing these comfy guys and share them with your friends. Happy shopping the new collection because Winter is Better in an Animal Sweater!

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