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10 Years of Animal Sweaters

Holy Dugongs! We've made it to our 10th edition of Animal Sweaters! Thank you all for supporting this project so loyally, I love hearing all your animal ideas and connecting with you over our shared love of all creatures, great, small and really weird.

Animal Sweaters started quite by chance back in 2006, with a Llama sweater I hand-stitched as a last- minute edition for a fashion show, when another outfit was scrapped. As all these magical stories go, it was a hit, and now, 10 years and 37 animals later I'm still loving making these furry guys for you.

I'm super proud of this edition- its still 100% made in Melbourne, Australia, cruelty free. From the fabric to the all the crazy stitch work, It takes a small village of Aussie legends to bring these Sweaters to life. Thank you to all my team, you really are amazing. The detail in this year's sweaters is our most complex yet, I spent long days cutting all the animals by hand and driving everybody crazy, but it was so worth it! Check out these rad guys- Koala, Guinea Pig, Bear, Raccoon and a lucky extra one for 10 year celebrations, Puffin!

Our photo-shoot was stunningly shot by Michelle Tran, featuring guitar hero Jonathon Deiley, from Aria winning Northlane and the talented Tiahnee Skrijel c/o Pride Models. Thank you!

I hope you enjoy cuddling up to your new besties, and can feel all the love that went into making them just for you.

Love Lenko

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