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The Grey-Headed Flying Fox (Pteropus poliocephalus) is the biggest megabat in Australia. I can’t wait to hang out with them on our new sweaters.


Grey-headed flying foxes live along the east cost of Australia and are quite easy to spot flying across the evening sky! They  eat a diet of fruit nectar and pollen. The pollen sticks to their fur as they fly from tree to tree, making them important pollinators of the Australian bush! They also spread fruit seeds across great distances, helping new plants to grow.

Their population is considered vulnerable due to factors including habitat loss and extreme weather events. A few things we can do at home is make sure to leave out water for wildlife on hot days, remove unsafe wires and netting from your plants and replace with wildlife safe options.

Animal Sweater - Flying Fox

$139.00 Regular Price
$114.00Sale Price
  • Unisex Sweater
    Poly/cotton blend fleecy with embroidered fabric applique Flying Fox.

    Each sweater is hand cut so there will be variation in every unique sweater.
    100% Made in Melbourne, Australia with lots of love.

    Prices are in Australian Dollars

    Model pictured is 5'6  and wearing a size M

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