Aloe fronds! It's a Plant Sweater! Monstera deliciosas are native to South America and Mexico, this plant loves tropical conditions and can grow 20m tall! While the younger leaves are heart shaped (aw) It's bigger holey leaves have given it the nickname The Swiss Cheese Plant. This good-looking plant is embroidered on a 100% cotton sweater. The biggest problem with houseplants is that you can't take them everywhere with you. With this sweater you can clearly show the world that youre a proud plant parent. This is a very limited re-issue of this most popular sweater. Hope your plants love it.

Plant Sweater- Monstera

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  • Unisex Sweater
    100% cotton fleecy in Navy Blue or Grey Marle with embroidered Monstera plant.
    100% made in Australia with lots of love.

    She wears Size S and is 5'8"
    He wears Size L and is 6'