Capybaras are the largest living rodents in the world. These herbivores are native to South America, are very social and love hanging out by bodies of water with their animal friends. They’re actually semi-aquatic making them amazing swimmers! Their feet are webbed for swimming and their eyes and noses are situated high up on their heads so they can still see and breathe while they’re mostly submerged. They are even known to sleep in water. Capybaras are also amazing on land and can run as fast as horses?! What! Capybaras are also known for being friends with all other animals. They just love to hang out! So I had to give him a little bird friend to be social. I hope this sweater makes you as happy as a capy!

Animal Sweater - Capybara

  • Unisex Sweater
    Poly/cotton fleecy in Maroon or Grey Marle with embroidered applique Capybara.

    Each sweater is hand cut so there will be variation in every unique sweater.
    100% Made in Melbourne, Australia with lots of love.

    Prices are in Australian Dollars

    Model pictured is 5'6 and wearing a size S

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