Life finds a way! ✨🦖 A year ago I played a trick and said I’d made a certain human animal sweater. I know, you’re looking at the date and maybe you have trust issues now. But just maybe, if chaos theory is correct, a little glitch in the system like this sweater being ✨real✨could change everything! Will you take a chance?

A very limited amount of Jeff Human Animal Sweaters are available today only!

4 piece fabric appliqué with a textured fabric for his luxurious hair. Delivery is expected to commence From May 2nd.

Human Sweater- Jeff

  • Unisex Sweater
    Poly/cotton fleecy with embroidered fabric applique Jeff.

    Each sweater is hand cut so there will be variation in every unique sweater.
    100% Made in Melbourne, Australia with lots of love.

    Prices are in Australian Dollars


  • Due to world events and changing circumstances, please expect some possible delays to shipping, especially internationally. Unfortunately this is out of our control and we will not be offering any returns or refunds for delayed deliveries. Please keep this in mind when ordering your sweaters. Thank you for your understanding and your patience.

    This is a Pre-sale item. It will start to ship from Melbourne on Monday 2nd May.