We are back baby! Did you know Axolotls, or Mexican Walking Fish, are not fish at all, but amphibians! In the wild they are critically endangered, with only a few to be found in just one place- Lake Xochimilco, Mexico City. Named after an Aztec god, they are incredible regenerators, able to heal themselves perfectly, even growing entire limbs back- bones and all. Those frilly ruffles growing out of their heads don't just look cool, they help them breathe and that's important, so we've included that detail in the embroidery.

Axolotls refuse to grow up, staying in their tadpole-like state forever, never getting a haircut or a job.

Hola, Welcome back to our Animal Sweaters, sweet smiley Axolotl.


*Please note, this is a Pre-Sale Item and will ship from Melbourne around May 31st.

Animal Sweater-Axolotl

  • Unisex Sweater
    Polycotton fleecy in charcoal grey with an apricot embroidered fabric applique.

    Each Axolotl is hand cut so there will be variation in each unique sweater.
    100% made in Melbourne, Australia with lots of love.