After all of the requests I am super excited to welcome our first ever Kid's size Animal Sweater! For the little ones I had to choose the biggest animal. Stegosaurus had a brain the size of ping pong ball in a 9m long body! He loved chomping on plants and bugs. Living 150 million years ago, Stegosaurus is separated by more time from T-Rex than we are. Your little dino-mad humans are going to love this new sweater and finally you can be matchy matchy! Made in Melbourne.

Animal Sweater- Kid's Stegosaurus

  • Unisex Kids Sweater
    Polycotton fleecy in grey marle with embroidered teal Stegosaurus.

    Each sweater is hand cut so there will be variation in every unique sweater.
    100% made in Melbourne, Australia with lots of love.